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Integrated Automation System(IAS)
The systems can be configured from main propulsion monitoring and alarm system to highly integrated automation system including process control, Ballast control, Tank measurement supervision, Pump/Valve control, Bilge Control, Cargo load control and stability calculation, information management, fault diagnosis and power management The system uses modular design, which can configure the system flexibly to meet different requirements of users. The system can make the user monitor operation of relevant equipment rapidly and conveniently through graphic human-computer interface and optimize the operation management, thus improving automation level of the whole ship.

Ship Remote Control System
The system is based on redundant CAN bus network, with the features of comprehensive visualization, informatization, modularization and standardization. It can be applied to various controlled objects such as single, dual or multiple engine, bow thruster, FPP or CPP, azimuth control, electrical propulsion, hybrid propulsion, water-jet propulsion and diesel and gas turbine joint propulsion, etc. The system also includes the local control unit for main/auxiliary engine, emergency engine, gearbox and CPP. The products are widely used on high-end ships including marine surveillance ships, fishery administration vessels, train ferries, etc.


Monitoring & Alarm System
As the core of the Integrated Alarm System, Monitoring and Alarm System, HT-MAS11, adopted embedded, distributed, high-speed redundant communication technology, etc. This system can realize many functions such as real-time acquiring processing and transferring of the information of actual running state and alarm, remote extension alarm of different rooms, on duty alarm call setup and secure protection of engineers. It is also a perfect combination of subsystems realized by standard software and hardware modules with auto-generating technology so that the configuration, download and correction of all functions can be completed quickly and conveniently. The system is designed especially for ships and they can be used in many severe environment.

Switch Board & PMS
The main function of the system is distribution and control of the electric energy to the switchgears and control-unit components on vessels, which ensures power supply for the normal operation and living condition. The power parameters are real-time monitored by the system to realize the fault alarm and equipment protection. The system could be automatically control start/stop of generator sets according to load change of the power system. With the most optimized configuration, the system could supply the complete power management for ships, which meet the relevant standard requirements of DP2.

Alternative Maritime Power Solutions
The purpose of the AMP is to provide electrical power transmission, which can effectively reduce the exhaust emissions and noise of the ship by closing the generator and the boiler on the vessel. Shanghai Marine Diesel Engine Research Institute can provide the most reasonable and optimized AMP technical solutions according to the different vessels, which can achieve comprehensive system integration design of AMP, the complete sets of supply, excellent after-sales service, professional technical consulting and training. Integrated products cover a full range of AMP (including the cable management system, shore power connection panel, shore power access panel, transformers, etc.). Power range up to 7MW, the maximum voltage can be achieved 15kV.

Accessory Products
1) Local Control Panel:
The local control panel is mainly applied to diesel engine, gear box, CPP and other equipment, which is through the standard module to monitor the operation of the power equipment parameters and logical control, meanwhile, the parameters are exchanged with upper monitoring PC via standard MODBUS.


2) Other Accessory Products


Dynamic Positioning Control System
Sensors provide information to the control system which incorporates a mathematical model of the vessel including information about the vessel’s dynamics, its machinery and its responses to environmental and other displacing forces. The model information together with the sensor data enables the DP system to calculate the required output for each thruster and propeller to achieve and maintain the desired position and heading.
From joystick manoeuvring and “simple” DP to multi-redundant DP and Thruster Assisted Mooring Systems (TAMS) can be supplied. Our technological range is coupled with front-line, hands-on expertise in all vessel types. No one is better positioned to develop the DP system you need. By applying our engineering intelligence, and understanding your maritime operations, we’ve evolved DP to the next level. The result: a new range of DP systems developed to deliver the reliability, efficiency and effectiveness you demand.

Main Console
Independent Joystick System